Language is very important for us in conveying our ideas, opinion, and our feeling. This statement explained by oxford that language is system sound, word, etc used by humans to communicate thoughts and feeling. We need language when we are talking with our friends, parents, or our teachers. The function of language is a tool of communication that is used to interact and socialize each human being. This statement supported by La Forge (1983:9):”Language is people; Language is persons in contact, language is person in response”. So, language is for communication in this world.
            English is one of the international languages in other words Brown (1994:122) says,” English has become a tool for international communication in transportation, commerce, banking, tourism, technology, diplomacy, and scientific research”. English is only one language used by most of people in the world, therefore, for those who want to equalize their countries to other develop countries in this world. Thus, wily Nelly the society of the countries must study English, in other words, English must be learned in all levels of education in Indonesia because the fact shows that the presence of English it can be avoided to its use for most of scientific books and others important information.
            We know there are four language skills in English, they are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In listening, students are taught how to listen and understand a speaker well. In reading, students are taught how to read and understand text well. In speaking, students are taught how to able to communicate in English well. Moreover, in writing, students are taught how to write and make a composition well.
            Julian Edge said: .Since British trade, followed by colonial and imperial expansion, English spread around the world. Then the military and economic dominance of the United States of America has confirmed English as the international language of present historical period. As a consequence, English serves for many times many more people as a barrier between themselves and those some fields of interest, many people in their own countries will not be able to become doctors, for example if they cannot learn enough English.
            In the international relationship, English speaking ability is very important to be able to participate in the wider world of work. The speaking skill is measured in terms of the ability to carry out a conversation in the language. This reality makes teachers and parents think that speaking ability should be mastered by their students and children. Based on the reasons above, in recent years, English language teaching has focused on teach the English language rather than teach about the English language. The emphasis is not only on linguistic competence of the language learners but also on the development of their communicative ability. In order to develop the learners' communicative ability, the teacher needs to create a scenario to teach the target language in a vibrant, active and interesting manner.
            In learning speaking skill, the students often find some problems. The problem frequently found is that their native language causes them difficult to use the foreign language. Other reason is because of motivation lack to practice the second language in daily conversation. They are also too shy and afraid to take part in the conversation. Many factors can cause the problem of the students. Speaking skills namely the students. Interest, the material, and the media among others including the technique in teaching English. Many techniques can be applied including role play because many research findings say that this technique is effective to use in teaching speaking.
Role play is very important in teaching speaking because it gives students an opportunity to practice communicating in different social contexts and in different social roles. In addition, it also allows students to be creative and to put themselves in another person.s place for a while.
            According to Stephen D. Hattings based on his observation in the conversation class, the role play would seem to be the ideal activity in which students could use their English creatively and it aims to stimulate a conversation situation in which students might find themselves and give them an opportunity to practice and develop their communication skill.
Speaking is the process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal and non-verbal symbols. Speaking is a crucial part of second language learning and teaching. However, today’s world requires that the goal of teaching speaking should improve students’ communicative skills because students can express themselves and learn how to use a language. 
Nowadays, many teachers agree that students should learn to speak the second language by interacting to others. For this case, students should master several speaking components’, such as: comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and fluency. In brief, English teacher should be creative in developing their teaching learning process to create good atmosphere, improve the students speaking skill, give attention to the speaking components’, and make the English lesson more exiting.

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