Contoh Text Factual Report dan Contoh Soal

Berikut contoh teks factual report dan contoh soal latihan tentang teks report.

        Jellyfish are not really fish. they are invertebrate animals. this means that unlike fish or people, they have no fact, they have no bones at all.
       Jellyfish have stomach and mouths, but no heads. they have nervous systems for sensing the world around them, but no brains. they are made almost entirely of water, which is why you can look through them.
report text, jellyfish
       Some jellyfish can glow in darkness by making their own light. The light is made by a chemical reaction inside the jellyfish . Scientists believe jellyfish glow for several reasons. for example, they may glow to scare away predator or to attract animals they like to eat.
       Most jellyfish live in salt water, apart from a few types that live in fresh water. jellyfish are found in oceans and seas all over the world. They live in warm, tropical seas and in icy waters near north and south poles.
43.  What is the purpose of the text?
A.    To tell how sea jellyfish live.
B.     To describe particular jellyfish
C.     To convince that jellyfish are not fish
D.    To compare between jellyfish and fish
E.     To inform general description of jellyfish
44.  What information can you get from paragraph 3 and 4?
A.    Most of Jellyfish live in  salt water.
B.     Some Jellyfish glow for some reasons.
C.      Jellyfish can live in oceans all over the world.
D.     Jellyfish produce their own light that’s made by chemical reaction.
E.     Jellyfish can live in seas all over the world  and make their own light.
45.  “they may glow to scare away predator or to attract animals they like to eat...” (paragraph 3)
The underlined word is closest in meaning to....
A.    Attack
B.     Arrest
C.     Catch
D.    Force
E.     Pull

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