Language Develops in Stages

Every living thing passes through stages of development— whether an embryo or a new teacher. Similarly, language development also occurs in stages. In the first few months of life, babies don’t vocalize much beyond crying, gurgling, cooing, or other minimal random sounds. However, they are taking in enormous amounts of auditory information. This early period provides the foundation for later language development. Within a few short months, babies begin babbling.Linguists suggest that these sounds provide a baby with practice for tongue and mouth movements in preparation for pronouncing words. These precursors to language turn into recognizable distinct words around the age of 12 months, the time when a joyous parent hears the first distinguishable word. Other new words follow in quick succession, usually between ages three and five.
In these few sentences, we have described three distinct stages of language development—a silent period, babbling, and first words. While they are common stages that occur universally at about the same age, there is some individual variation.
You will clearly see your students passing through various stages of English language development. Furthermore, you will see that each student has his/her own pace of developing English, in the same way that babies and young children have in their native language. Remember, while you can foster language development, you cannot force it. You can provide a rich language environment for a young child and engage in multiple opportunities for conversational give-and-take. However, you cannot force a 12-month-old to pronounce “daddy” instead of “dada” or an 18-month-old to understand a lengthy sentence. Similarly, while there is much you can do to encourage and support English language development in your students, recognize that an individual student’s rate of language development runs by an internal clock. You cannot rush Mother Nature!

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