The Pronoun

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Tonight, I would like sharing about Pronoun. Many people ask me “what is the definition of Pronoun?” this writing only one of the definitions and a brief explanation about pronoun.

A pronoun is a word that is used as a substitute of a noun or of more than one
·         John finished the experiment. He had worked three days to prepare it. [The
pronoun he takes the place of the noun John. The pronoun it takes the place
of the noun experiment.]
·         Helen and David are excellent engineers, and they plan to open a firm. The
pronoun they takes the place of the nouns Helen and David.]

The word to which a pronoun refers (whose place it takes) is called the antecedent of
the pronoun. Using pronouns in place of nouns relieves the monotony of repeating the
same noun over and over. In the preceding example, John is the antecedent of he, and
experiment is the antecedent of it.

Not all pronouns have antecedents. For example, in the sentence “ Nobody was in the
room, “ the pronoun nobody does not stand for a specific noun. However, it is used “in
place of “ a noun in the sense that it is used in a sentence in the place where a noun
would ordinarily occur, as in the sentence “ A person was in the room.”
There are several kinds of pronouns: personal (including the possesive and reflexive
forms), relative, interrogative, demonstrative, and indefinite.

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