Read Aloud Strategies: Previewing Strategies

Today, I would like sharing about reading aloud strategies. Actually, this article was written by MARY LEE HAHN. She said:
“At the beginning of every new read-aloud, you have the opportunity to model book selection and previewing strategies. When we were getting ready to start Weasel (DeFelice), our discussion went like this:
“If you were in the library and this title caught your eye, and you took this book off the shelf, what’s the next thing you would do to see if you wanted to check it out and read it?” I asked. “I’d look at the cover,” someone answered. So we studied the cover. I took the book around the room and let every table of students have a good long look and tell what they were noticing: a kid, a club, a swamp, a man with a gun, it’s night, there are birds, they are wearing old-time clothes. “What would you do next?” I asked. Shane said he would look inside the cover or on the back and read the blurb. So I did. “Now what?” I continued. Ethan said he would read the first page. Tyler added that he likes to read the last page, too. (I disagreed with Tyler on a personal note—I never read the ending first—but I told him I know many people do. I even know two best friends who almost come to blows over this in bookstores when they are shopping for books together. One
is a “never read the ending first” person, and the other is an “always read the last page first” person. Somehow they have managed to remain friends.)
The whole first chapter of Weasel is not much more than a page long. In it, a silent stranger comes to the door of the cabin of two children who are awaiting their father’s return from a hunting trip. The stranger is carrying the children’s mother’s locket. When I had finished the chapter, I asked Ethan, “If this had been a book you were trying to decide whether to read, and you had read just that first page, would you read on?” Of course he would! Who could resist the hook that Cynthia DeFelice, the author, had dangled before us?”
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