How to Improve Reading Comprehension

To improve their English reading comprehension is one of the main purpose of English teaching, and reading ability but also to promote other areas such as listening, speaking and writing skills development. This paper analyzes the present situation of teaching high school English and reading problems , and proposed to improve English reading ability of students methods and techniques, so that the students comprehensive language ability can be improved.
Reading in the form of high school students curricular, extra-curricular learning reading, understanding, reading and daily life in informative reading. The so-called learning of reading is that students learn how to read essays from the textbook, dialogue, or related materials The story began, the plain reading. learning emphasizes reading focuses on reading speed, understand its main content, cultivate interest in reading and good reading habits; comprehensive reading is obtained by reading the article expressed thoughts, feelings and information, therefore, selection must be extensive, the ease of the article to be slightly higher than the level of the students, the students should focus on understanding the effect the article and understand the author's intention, in order to gain certain knowledge; Information on reading what people read in their daily lives English newspapers, magazines, letters, brochures, and advertising. It focuses on one aspect of the students to obtain information. Therefore, training students to read, you can combine these three to read through the massive, long-term manner Read the training and continue to receive new information, find that reading methods, reading skills to master in order to expand their existing knowledge structure, to improve their reading level. However, because most of the English language foundation is weak, not interested in English, in addition, poor students Teaching reading habits and reading backward to a certain extent, affected the students in English reading ability.

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