Language is Linked to Cognition

This posting is about the eight elements of language. it is the fifth elements of language, language is linked to cognition. It is a continuation of the fourth, language is intertwined with culture. For more information, read the rest of article!
Some theorists believe that cognitive development supports language development. Some believe the reverse is true—that language development drives learning and provides humans the ability to organize their thinking. Certainly, there is an undeniable link between the two. Let’s look at two examples. Consider a young child who makes the conceptual discovery of in and links it to the word. Suddenly he/she begins to correctly use this cognitive and linguistic discovery incessantly—“ in the box,” “in the shoe,” “in the bed,” “in the doggie,” and so on. Children delight in making these discoveries. The joy is evident in the constant use they make of their exciting new finds.
Conversely, here is an example illustrating how language can influence understanding. One of our children at around age three became intrigued with the word area. She used the word constantly, as in “the silverware area” (the drawers where the silverware was kept) “the desk area” (in reference to her little chair and table with her crayons, paper, and books), and so on. Through hearing the word used by others, she began to refine her understanding of it until she came to use the word correctly. These examples illustrate how cognition affects language and, conversely, how language affects cognition.
Why is this useful information for a teacher?
A teacher’s most important responsibility is helping students learn content and develop the vocabulary to understand, speak, read, and write about what they learn. Vocabulary development is one of the most challenging aspects of learning another language. Vocabulary and concepts are directly linked. It is imperative that teachers of English learners embed learning and vocabulary in understandable contexts.

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