Vocabulary Acquisition

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Today I would like sharing about about language learning and teaching, especially about vocabulary acquisition.  Read my posting below!
Dramatic advances have occurred in our understanding of how children learn to read. These advances have been accompanied by changes in how reading is taught, both to children for whom learning to read is no more difficult than most other kinds of learning and to children for whom learning to read is among the most difficult challenges they will face. However, much of what has been learned has been about the processes by which readers access the sounds and meaning represented by printed symbols at the level of the individual word. Understanding how readers fully comprehend the meaning of connected text, and what might be done when this is the challenge, represents a more difficult undertaking. This addresses a central question for everyone interested in how individuals comprehend the meaning of what they read: What is known about vocabulary acquisition, and what are its implications for understanding reading comprehension? Phythian-Sence and Wagner provide a primer on vocabulary acquisition. They summarize key findings about vocabulary development that may be of interest to researchers who primarily study reading comprehension rather than vocabulary.
Acquiring the vocabulary we use for thinking and communicating is a linguistic achievement of nearly incomprehensible importance and complexity. The study of vocabulary acquisition and use is a scientific discipline characterized by compelling empirical data and a good bit of theorizing. But, as is the case with most areas of research, it is easier to identify what is unsettled and controversial than it is to identify clearly established knowledge. Our goal in this chapter is not to attempt to provide a summary of the field of vocabulary acquisition. Rather, we seek merely to provide a useful primer that describes some basics that could be of use to reading researchers.
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