Correlation between Imperative Sentence Mastery and Procedural Text Writing

As the definitions that have been explained in my previous posting, procedural text is a kind of text that functions to tell to do something such as instructions for how to carry out a task or play a game, directions for getting to a place and rules of behavior.  In writing procedural text, there is the generic structure that should be considered by the writers.  They are goals, materials, and steps.  It is not only considering the generic structure of the text but also the grammatical pattern of the text.  It is the use of command.  A command is an imperative statement. An explanation that does not involve a process or procedure can be written in the simple present active tense in the imperative mood. Imperative sentence is a sentence which is in the form of a command.  In procedural text writing the use of action verb is verb-1, e.g. put, mix, take, and etc.  The use of action verb is in command form.  It demands students to master the imperative sentence.
Writing needs content and language controls such a grammar.  Meaning that in writing procedural text should be close to grammar, it is imperative sentence mastery.  Hammond in Bambang demonstrated that an analysis of the generic structure of children’s writing can provide valuable insight into what makes good and poor writing. Therefore, the imperative sentence mastery will affect procedural text writing.

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