Teaching Vocabulary by Using Pictures

Pictures are considered as the most effective media, which provide valuable assistance to students conveying ideas more easily and fully than words. Picture used in the teaching learning process should be show representative object and should be familiar with the student, so the student will be easy to use and understand the picture. By looking the picture, the students are encouraged to express their ideas.
Picture provides an excellent opportunity for the use of vocabulary and it may stimulate the imagination encourage the student's participation in an interactive classroom atmosphere so that they will get better result. Picture often conveys meaning as effectively as words and may enhance memory retention, especially when learner has to think about how to draw the meaning. Picture in one the important media that can be used in the teaching learning process, especially in teaching English. The picture can represent human life such as people, animal, thing and activities. According Wright (1989:2) explain that picture are not just an aspect method but through their representation of place, object and people.
The pictures are important, because it very possible to predict not only from what we hear and read but also from what we see around us and from what we remember as well. Picture used must be interesting for the students and be easy for the students to understand.
Picture used, as media are useful in teaching learning process. According to Hamalik (1986:81), there are six reason of using pictures in teaching learning process as follows:
1. Pictures are concrete. It mean that by picture, the student can explained something which to talking or to discuss in class.
2. Pictures can be to solve the limited time and place
3. Pictures can be to explain something.
4. Pictures are easy to get and cheap.
5. Pictures are easy to use.
6. Pictures can be to solve the leak senses of the human. It means that a small thing that cannot to see by eye, we can see it clearly by photograph.
Based on the idea above, it is clear that pictures have some advantage in the teaching learning process.

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