This blog are created in because of my new hobby, blogging. I like blogging because I can share everything to all readers in the world. Second, as a candidate of English teacher, I should practice my writing skill in order to be better, so through posting in this blog I it improve my writing skill. I am sure that researchers have been never researched about the correlation between posting articles performance in a blog and writing ability, or the effect of having a blog or website and writing ability. But I am sure that they have close relationships. Then, by blogging we can have a lot of friends from all countries in the world, such as: Indonesia (my beloved country), Malaysia, Australia, United State of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Spain, Italy, Holland, Finland, Japan, etc. The last is because as far as I know, the best person is one who brings benefits to others. I hope this blog contribute the readers.
I choose “English Education” as my blog title because I am a candidate an English teacher, and my experience and education is about Teaching English. I do hope I can manage this blog as fast as possible. I need your comment. I study at Department of English Education, UIN SUSKA Pekanbaru, Riau. There are many great men there such as; my brother Rubi Rizika Putra, my chairman, Misghie, Syahrul Efendi (grandmaster),  M. Farikan (Ustadz), Antoni Hermanto (Crouch man), Qurnia Iqbal, Yogi Sugara (datuk, he..he..), etc. I also have others great sisters there, such as: Syafni Eliza-Henny Cahya Ningsih-Dewinta Reflaini (three angels, xi..xi... just kidding), Mayumi Fitri, Fitri, Afnies(Afni Novrianti and Nurafni), Yona Fiolina, Rima Kumala Sari, Rohana, Corina Catrin, Aila Mahirta, Arnilis, Yurliana, Purnawati, Seri Wahyuni Nasution, etc.
I will try to share whatever I know about Teaching English here, such as; Teaching Methods, Strategies, styles and others. Now, Starting Blogging By Reciting Basmalah “Bismillahirrohmanirrohiim”

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